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What we offer


We have installations for cereals prepared with an advanced seed selection area equipped with the best machinery for selection and packaging. Each production centre has a fully-equipped laboratory qualified to carry out quality control operations.

All seeds are subject to the official regulatory controls, as certified seeds, as well as the good condition of the same.
Our production is regularly supervised by our own in-house technicians and the external professionals of official organisms. Thanks to this, we can carry out monitoring in the field to guarantee the conditions of our seeds.

We possess the most widely accepted quality certificate worldwide, GLOBALGAP. This certificate guarantees our clients that we meet the highest standards of quality and safety while adhering to sustainability criteria and safeguarding the safety, hygiene and welfare of our employees and the environment.

We offer all our clients excellent value for money, punctual delivery and continuous deliveries..
workers the compliance with all environmental regulations in support of the responsible and scrupulous use of natural resources.

Orientation for the quality of our products: We continuously seek to guarantee the maximum quality of our products.