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White Chickpea


The grain is white, medium to large sized, rather long and flattened on the sides, with deep grooves. Very popular for consumption.

Shape: Thick almost spherical grain, with a slightly pointed embryo and rough deeply-lined surface.

Outer colour: blown tinged with white.

Colour of the cotyledon: light brown with an orange tinge, darker that the outer skin.

Flavour/aroma: Absence of unusual flavours and aromas.

Calibre: 10 mm diameter.

Energy value: 330 Kcal / 1382 KJ

Carbohydrates: 55.00 g.

Proteins: 19.40 g. Fat: 5.00 g.

Dietary fibre 15.00. Vitamin E: 0.004 g. Sodium: 0.300 g. Magnesium: 0.160 g. Phosphorus: 0.375 g. Potassium: 0.800 g.

Entrance control: On entrance of the WHITE LECHOSO Chickpea in our facilities, we carry out an initial quality control to determine the cooking characteristics and quality of the chickpeas. After this control, the batch is assigned a number which will identify it during all the processes until it is sold.

Pre-cleaning: This consists of a primary cleaning and elimination of other items by means of closed sieves, suction and blasts of air.

Sorting machine: The LECHOSO chickpea is passed through the sorting machines consisting of porous rollers that eliminate extraneous material by shape and size.

Suction: suction is used to eliminate straw and other light materials.

Sieving and calibration: This process is carried out by a calibrating machine by using rectangular and round-holed sieves to continue eliminating impurities and classifying chickpeas by size.

Separation by density: This process is carried our with the densimetric table, which separates damaged and defective chickpeas.

Cleanliness Control: This second quality control tests the cleanliness and size of the LECHOSO chickpea and checks that it is suitable for consumption and prepared to be stored as a clean product ready for packaging.

Packaging: The LECHOSO WHITE chickpea is packaged in different formats for sale.

Final quality control: We subject the LECHOSO WHITE chickpea and its packaging for final quality control before it leaves our facilities,ready to be sold and consumed.